Oleh KillerHell
01-Dec-2005 10:20:18
Nampaknye, most of you all here who response to me not really understand what I am asking. Therefore, most of you did not answer my question. It's Ok. But I quite regret la coz ramai yang melatah sendiri. I think those who can aswer me only the people who really understand the REAL meaning of solat dan fasting. Only after that the meaning of "kemenangan" which leads us to celeberate hari raya can precisely being defined and evaluated. And only then, we can celeberate the raya. I did not know how you guys evaluate that you all dah really really menang hingga melayakkan you all celeberate the raya. Because I did not know, that is why I am asking. But not many people here can grab the content of the question... :^)
I agreed ngan Brother Cyber, he said it is true that only God knows whether our solat and puasa are accpeted or not but we have to improve the quality of solat and puasa. Not just did because the God commanded so.
Kak Ros nyer first answer I kurang setuju. I dah selalu dengar jawapan ni agar I tak pertikaikan apa yang dah berlaku di bulan ramadhan seolah-olah nak buat baik only in the month of ramadhan and then kita buang semua tarbiyah solat dan puasa tu from our daily life until the next ramadhan comes. So, does it the aim of performing those things? and itu ke yang Kak Ros nak define as berjaya? And for sure, kak ros pun did not answer my question malah menyimpang ke cerita anak soleh yang membuatkan I makin curious to know.
Next thing, to Brother arsenal cyber, Kak Ros and Zana. I don't say that it is wrong to entertain guests yang keep coming to our house, tukar langsir baru and celeberate the raya. I don't said those are wrong. But I am asking you, why you are celeberating raya which is only celeberated by the people who are excel? what is the defination of excel or kemenangan di mata you all? That is the thing I wanna know. Hope you all clear about my question and don't trap yourselve to answer me when you did not understand what I am asking coz you will increase my curiousity which most of people cannot bare with it. There is no try and error in life.
To Anak Melaka, is it true that we can celeberate the raya selagi kita leh raya ATAU selagi kite tak really menang, kita tak sepatutnya sambut raya? If kite tak termasuk dalam orang yang menang, for what reason we wanna celeberate the hari raya??? Orang kata only God knows berjaya atau tak. Tapi when you all perform did you concern about the quality yang boleh buat you satisfy dengan apa yang you buat? Apakah you all tidak ada standard tersendiri untuk menentukan you berjaya atau tidak? Kalau you dont have the standard, how you can improve? Nevertheless, I like your concern on intipati solat, puasa and selawat. May be you can explain more after this and don't ask other people to continue your words. Those are your words, and you should be responsible for that.
"Never Success" a simple answer from Brother Meow. Then brother, don't you celeberate the raya as Brother Yleadh, Brother Cyber, Kak Ros, Zana and other Muslim?
Dear Sister Salopet, I don't think that I mempertikaikan apa yang orang buat, but I am asking why they did so and why we should follow them (i.e celeberate raya) WITHOUT ASKING?
Then, finally Sister Itaarisa. If kakak rasa that what I am saying is merely an opinion, it's ok. That's your opinion. May be you are the person who can define me the meaning of solat and puasa and why we should do those things and lastly answer me on my question "WHY WE CELEBERATE THE RAYA".
I think you're good person. But may be we all can merenung seketika. If we are going to the examination without perfect preparation, are we still have a hope to get the flying color result?? Oh, fine! Kita kena bersangka baik dengan pemeriksa. Is it like that?? Kak, at least bila kita buat THE BEST ulangkaji, we know we do that because we wanna excel in exam (standard mark for excellent: 85%). In term of performing solat and puasa, we did it for what? To excel? Excel in what? Dunia akhirat? then are we really make THE BEST solat and puasa yang membolehkan kita menganggap diri kita dah berjaya? where is your solat and puasa when you're working? when you're chatting? when you're driving? What is your standard measurement of "berjaya"? 85%?
Provokasi? I dah lali dengan label tu. Itu yang yang selalu I dapat when I am asking walaupun I am not provoking. I know why I am asking the question and how the answer really important for me? But tak pe, I paham you all semua susah nak terima hakikat yang amat pahit bahwa hampir semua kita tidak pernah berjaya dalam solat dan puasa kita tapi kita dengan tak malunya menyambut hari raya. I paham you all semua susah nak terima kenyataan bahwa most of us hanya jadi Islam bila bulan puasa and kita tak pernah bawa solat dan puasa dalam hidup dan kehidupan kita. So, I tak kisah kalau you all nak melatah atau marah dengan I sebab I tanya gitu. I tau question I memang menampar muka you all. Mungkin kerana itu, ramai yang buat-buat tak faham my question and give answer yang tidak menjawab pertanyaan.
Before I stop, arwah nenek I pernah baca satu kekata, she said this is hadith. The hadith mentions that "setiap anak dilahirkan di atas fitrah dan ibu bapalah yang menjadikan mereka yahudi, nasrani atau majusi". And I asked my grandma, nape tak de sebut Islam pun. She replied that, yang fitrah itu Islam. So, now perkara yang mesti we all renungkan, benarkah kita ini menjadi Islam kerana fitrah bukan kerana ibu bapa?? Ok Ok, I paham you all akan melenting lagi. Bukan senang kan nak admit that we all are the INBORN MUSLIM not the Muslim by fitrah or sejati.
My question still lonely coz it does not find the correct answer to be its partner.
Don't try to be close if u aren't smart n rich enough coz I'll kill u n send u to the hell!!