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Oleh osama_laden
05-Jan-2005 08:29

ni ana copy dari email....
Plse ask among your family and friends if anyone would like to adopt orphans(fr 8 mths to 17 yrs) from Acheh. Made to understand that a group is trying to bring 300 orphans and looking for Muslim homes or $ help.
Also understand that the Christian missionaries are going for them otherwise.
Plse help in any way you can and plse pass this mail to any Muslim family or friend.
Contact Fauziah at 019-850 5050 or Dr. Fairuz 012- 278 4033 if you need more info. Happy 2005 and let's pray for Allah's blessings for our families, Insyallah!
Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..aku redha akan ujian dari-MU..pintaku,berikanlah aku kekuatan dan ketabahan untuk mengharungi semua ini...uhuksss...uhuksss...
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